Workplace Best Practices: Managing a Multigenerational Team



Today’s workforce is a diverse one made up of many generations. It includes Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z, and X-ers. As a result, there are a range of personalities, perspectives, and work styles. This can be a boon for your company as diversity also breeds innovation and creativity.

However, it can also be tricky to manage so many generations in one workplace. How can you make the most of a multi-generational workforce? Here are some best practices to help you thrive:

Acknowledge the differences.

Don’t try to make one generation conform with another. Rather, embrace the differences and put them to work for you. For instance, create a mentoring program where senior- and junior-level employees are paired together. Encourage the learning to happen both ways. This will not only promote a transfer of knowledge but forge ties and build relationships between generations.

Embrace the similarities.

Most workers want many of the same things. For instance, don’t assume just because an employee is older, they don’t want scheduling flexibility. Or that an employee from a younger generation isn’t willing to work as hard. Rather focus on hiring those who are a great fit for your company, from many different generations, and find the commonalities between them. Work to meet them, so you can create a cohesive team.

Set the bar high.

Whether an employee is a Baby Boomer or from Gen X, make sure you’re setting clear expectations and high standards. To achieve this, connect with each employee individually and also on a team-level, so everyone is on the same page. This ensures every worker understands their roles and goals and what they must do to work together and succeed.

Communicate in different ways.

Some older workers might prefer in-person conversations or talking over the phone. Younger workers might want to text. Whatever each employee prefers, respect the way they want to communicate. This will promote open communication and increased dialogue from each one. Employees will feel like they can come to you, and their voices are being heard. It will also ensure you find out about issues before they escalate.

Respect their management style.

Those from different generations often prefer to be managed in various ways. For instance, with Baby Boomers, they're looking for managers to recognize their skill and experience. They typically prefer a more formal and structured environment. Those in the Gen X category generally want more autonomy and less supervision, while Millennials value the flexibility to perform their job on a schedule that works for their lifestyle.

Be grateful for all of your workers.

Whatever age or stage of career your employees are in, strive to show your appreciation for them. Thank them for a job well done and work hard to make them feel like a valued member of the team. They’ll be more loyal and vested in company success when you do.

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