Management Best Practices: Encouraging & Motivating Your Team



As a manager, you have to do more than just deliver on productivity and performance goals. You have to manage a team of diverse personalities to bring out the best in each and every one. This can be extremely challenging. However, it’s critical if you want positive morale and great results. Here are some tips for motivating and encouraging your team:

Find out what motivates individuals.

Each person on your team is motivated by something different, from money to a more balanced life to being able to telecommute and more. Get to know each of your staff members on an individual basis so you can find out what drives them and will keep them performing at their best.

Focus on a healthy work environment.

When you have management and a culture where employees feel truly cared for, they’re going to work harder for your company. It’s why it’s important to work with company leadership to develop employee-oriented policies and focus on promoting a healthy work-life balance for your people. This will improve productivity, as well as happiness, well-being, and loyalty.

Be clear about goals, timeframes and expectations.

It’s difficult for employees to stay motivated when they don’t fully understand what they’re supposed to be doing. Make sure, instead, you’re clear about goals, timeframes to complete them in and other expectations. The more they understand what you want from them – and the impact their performance is having on the company and the department – the more motivated they’ll be.

Lead by example.

Don’t have one set of expectations for your staff and a different one for yourself. Instead, lead by example. When you do, you’ll build trust, so your employees feel driven to work harder for you. They’ll also have a better understanding of the kind of behavior, attitude and work ethic you want to see from them.

Ask for feedback.

As a manager, you’re regularly giving your team feedback about their performance. Ask for feedback about yours, too. This will help you learn about areas where you can improve when it comes to managing your team. It will also send the message that you care about what your employees have to say.

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