Is It Time to Give Your Employees More Responsibility?



Today’s business world is rapidly changing. Yesterday, you needed an employee with a certain skill set. Now, you need workers with newer and more evolved ones. Rather than hiring every time there’s a gap, it makes sense to train your current staff and then give them more responsibility. But how can you tell which team members are ready for a step up? Here’s a look at a few signs:

They’re dependable and hard-working.

This might sound like a no-brainer. Yet, if you have an employee who’s smart and skilled, yet inconsistent with their work or attitude, they’re not ready for more responsibility. Instead, look for those who are committed to their work, from showing up on time to meeting deadlines and more – and offer them new opportunities and projects.

They have good people skills.

When you have a worker with strong interpersonal skills, they could be your next star manager. While hard skills are important, they can often be taught. However, people skills – like cooperation, collaboration and communication – are often innate and harder to acquire. If you have a staff member who’s a natural in these areas, keep them engaged and satisfied on the job by giving them more responsibility.

They handle setbacks well.

There are certainly times when you have to give bad news or negative feedback. Those who are mature, professional, and ready for more responsibility can handle this well and implement constructive criticism in their work. Everyone deals with mistakes and failures in their careers. However, it’s those who can use the situation as a way to learn and grow that you will want to promote.

They’re proactive in their role.

If you have employees who are already taking initiative and doing more than what’s expected of them, it’s time to formally recognize them. Give them more responsibility and even a promotion, making it clear you’ve noticed their hard work and drive. Those who are dedicated, diligent, and willing to go the extra mile are the ones you’re going to want to retain for as long as possible.

They have a positive attitude and help others.

When it comes to your team, you need people who are spreading positivity, not gossip and toxicity. If you have an employee who’s always looking on the bright side, arrives each day with a positive attitude, and is willing to help others, then they could be ready for more opportunities, especially when it comes to managing others. Those who are natural teachers and helpers tend to be good managers, too.

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