How to Stay Motivated During the Job Hunt



The job search can be exhausting and discouraging, especially if you’ve been at it for a while. Finding leads, sending in your resume, waiting for phone calls, and interviewing can all take a toll over time.

However, in order to land your next great job, it’s imperative that you stay motivated. How can you do that? Start with these tips:

Create a routine.

If you’re currently unemployed, it’s easy to sleep late, watch too much TV, and avoid your job search tasks. But if you want to be successful and find a new job, you must create a routine and stick to it. That means getting up at the same time each day, dressing, exercising, eating healthy, and creating a block of time dedicated to your job search.

If you are employed, it’s still important to create a job search routine, so you’re consistent with your efforts. This can include setting aside an hour every evening to work on your search.

Set small goals.

Obviously, your primary goal is to find a new job. However, getting there requires reaching a set of small goals along the way. For instance, set daily or weekly goals, like applying to a certain number of jobs or committing to attending one networking event each week. This can help you avoid frustration, since you’re being productive and making a little bit of progress each day.

Get a temporary job or volunteer.

If you’re unemployed and growing bored, look for a volunteer position or temporary work to fill your days. These will help you to grow your network, gain new skills and stay busy, so you feel more energetic and engaged during your job search. It will also give you something to discuss during job interviews.

Stay inspired.

Even the most successful people have gone through dark or difficult periods in their lives. If you have extra time on your hands, read about those who can serve as good career role models for you. High-profile individuals from Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, and Abraham Lincoln have all faced monumental challenges. It can be reassuring and encouraging to read about how others endured and prevailed in difficult situations.

Try not to obsess.

Searching for a new job is a stressful undertaking. If you’re not getting calls for interviews or don’t get picked for a job, it can feel very personal. However, rejection is simply a part of the process for everyone, even the most talented candidate. So try not to obsess over it or take it too personally. Learn from every mistake and move on.

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