The manufacturing, construction and trades industries are at a crossroads. Many older workers are at or nearing retirement. Younger workers, on the other hand, are often disinterested in pursuing a career in industries, like manufacturing. It’s why, according to Industry Week, the U.S. currently has a gap of 500,000 manufacturing workers.

If you’re facing hiring challenges as a result, what can you do? How do you find the people you need for your team? Start by working to put an end to the common myths surrounding industrial and skilled labor jobs and instead promote the reality.

Many people believe manufacturing facilities or trade work is dark, dirty, dangerous, and dingy. They also think jobs are low-paying and insecure.

However, these industries are largely becoming digital. As a result, they’re able to offer clean, bright, welcoming facilities, along with competitive pay and benefits. In addition, since workers, like technicians, fabricators, electricians, and others, are in such high demand, work is extremely steady and secure.

To promote the many perks available through your company, you can leverage the power of social media, as well as your website. You can also:

  • Host or attend trade shows. There, you can invite people to your booth where you explain the many opportunities your company offers, how it’s growing, and ways workers can advance there.
  • Form relationships with career counselors at high schools and community colleges. Make sure you’re giving them brochures and information about the explosion of job opportunities available in the trades, as well as the excellent pay and benefits, all without a four-year college degree.
  • Invite students to tour your business. This is another way to combat the common myths associated with manufacturing or industrial jobs. When they see for themselves the clean and modern space you offer, it will get them excited about working for your team.
  • Focus on the benefits and work-life balance. Benefits, like health insurance, are critical for today’s young workers. When you’re hiring, make sure you’re focusing on these, as well as the flexible lifestyle and schedule workers can enjoy.
  • Create an apprenticeship program. This will get young workers in the door, where you can mentor and train them, so they have the skills you need to fill gaps in the future.

When candidates understand that industrial work isn’t just a job, but a good career, they’ll be more likely to embrace the possibilities. This is especially true for students with strong math, science, and engineering skills, who can move up quickly within your organization.

Need more help attracting talent for your job openings?

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