Five Ways To Improve Your Team’s Productivity at Work



As a manager, productivity is always on your mind. When you’re starting to see a decline, you need to act fast, whether it’s due to less work getting done, more mistakes, or missed deadlines. Here are five ways to improve your team's productivity.

Make expectations clear and prioritize work.

When goals or expectations keep shifting, it can impact engagement and productivity. Instead, be clear about your expectations for each employee and also work with them to prioritize assignments. This lets them know what to tackle first, so they’re meeting your needs and hitting performance goals.

Create a clear road map.

Once you know what needs to be done and when, work with your team to create a plan or roadmap. This will ensure that details don’t get lost and the most important jobs are performed first. Having a clear plan also helps you iron out timelines and deliverables, so every person knows what they’re responsible for and when.

Put the right people in the right positions.

Part of your job as a manager is to leverage your team’s strengths and assign people to the right roles. If you’re having an issue with productivity, take a step back and see if you need to re-assign tasks or bring new employees on board. In addition, take into consideration which people excel in which positions, so they’re in jobs where they’re able to complete their work in a quality way, faster.

Stop unnecessary meetings.

If meetings are eating up a large portion of your day, then cut some out. Only schedule them when they’re essential and only invite those who are critical to the conversation. Otherwise, you’re wasting your employee’s time and energy, impacting productivity in the process.

Create opportunities for cross-training and collaboration.

When other employees from different departments work together, it creates an opportunity to build bonds and transfer knowledge. This serves the team overall since it opens up communication, reduces barriers to getting work done, and encourages people to work together and collaborate on issues for the good of the company overall.

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