Construction Project Manager

Working hours typically are from 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday and as needed on call.

The job description is fluid and not limited to but will include: any and all aspects of Project Management to assist the Builder Team. Emphasis on planning, Problem Prevention, Problem Solving, Client Communication, Subcontractor Management, Safety, E-mail Communication, Project Scheduling and Planning.

All of the above and a host of other items that may arise out of the implementation of the above policies and procedures will be expected on a daily basis. Flexibility, adaptability and communication are key to our success and all of our employees. A safe work environment is paramount to the success of the project. Given the fluid dynamic of our industry and the volume of work we have at any given time, we may ask you to perform similar duties at alternate project locations in the Big Sky area.

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We will also require you to sign a company confidentiality and non-compete agreement and complete our Standard Application and Employee Handbook on your first day of work. The confidentiality of the company and all its operations are extremely important to our Partners.


Salary is $80,000 annually paid bi-weekly via our standard payroll for a total of 26 pay periods annually. Fuel/Vehicle compensation is $12,688.00 or $488.00 per payroll period. Bonuses are Performance Based. Benefits also include Health Insurance - 50% of the employee and 50% of dependents. Vacation/PTO is 2 weeks after 90 days to be coordinated as such so the project supervision is adequately maintained. Performance Review is at 3 months and yearly each April. Standard office equipment will be provided including laptop, cell phone, internet connection and office supplies.